Friday, February 14, 2014


I have been on an adventure! You of course know I live in Montana, where the snow has not gone away for months now! The cold is very very cold, but my home is warm and snug! In negative 26 degree weather, I still go out to "hurry" and boy do I HURRY!

This week, I went on a trip with my mom to her work headquarters in Missoula, Montana. We cross the continental divide and drive on some crazy roads in crazy weather. I was lucky though, my kennel was in the car and warm with blankets and I snoozed! Sometimes I would sit up and look around though too! that is my favorite way to ride-looking at everything. But mom wanted me safe in my kennel on the mountain roads cause she loves me! The roads here can by very good, and very bad in the winter in a matter of minutes from each other!

We arrived at the hotel safely, and I helped mom take in all of our stuff. The luggage cart was a fun different surface to ride on!

We stayed there one night, then my mom's friend Tammy called and invited us to her home! It was wonderful there! I met two new friends, a cat and dog! Guess which one wanted to be my friend? Kitty!! We played and played! I really liked her, and when we settled down to watch the Olympics, she laid right above me!

Then it was off to mom's work. We were there for four days. Most of the days were long and spent in meeting after meeting.

As you can see, this was boring to me! I took a few naps!

But they also had two feet of snow, so on break time, I played!

I went to restaurants, Starbucks, and the mall! That was amazing, so many people and smells! I watched mom try on clothes cause she doesn't have my amazing coat. It was so fun!

I had a lot of new experiences, a new office, lots of new people, new homes, a hotel, and then it was time to head home! We said goodbye to everyone after one more tour! I got to try out the trampoline (it's little cause my mom works with kids) and go to one last meeting.

Then we headed home!

A four hour road trip with break halfway and we were back at home! I was a wonderful puppy and had a great journey! No accidents, and I remembered almost everything I had learned so far! Boston and Gunner were glad to see me home, and I was happy to have a long play time with them! Now I know I can road trip with the best of them!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Visiting my good friend John

Some days are buisier than others in my small life. I have had a busy week and it's only Monday night! I have to tell you about it though.

By now you know I am a CCI puppy in training, so I am learning a lot! Self control can be hard for me, I am after all a puppy. But there are some moments I just know that I am that "Puppy with a purpose" Mom talks about. Mom and Mandi know these amazing people named John and Schelli and little Kherrington Bolta. I really liked John! I think mom was worried because this was one of my first outings, about how I would behave, but I knew when I walked in that special place call Hospice, that things were different there. It smelled different, was lighted differently, and I was "on". We went to the room, and I sat patiently while mom knocked. When we went in, I knew right away who I was supposed to visit! I crawled up in his arms and was very careful with my puppy paws and said "hello" to John. He was a dog guy, and didn't care if I wiggled a bit! I loved being petted, and he was really good at it! I just sat next to him for a while on the couch and Schelli took our picture. Mom says she will treasure that one! This is the same John I hear mom and dad praying for together. He is a bright shiny light for Jesus and lives his life in the victory of God's amazing grace-so they say. I just know he was a great snuggler, talked to me like I was a big dog, and I loved my visit with my new friend John!

Next a whole bunch of people showed up! They brought coke, John's favorite, dinner, and his sweet daughter. Other friends and family were there, and you know what I did, I laid down in the middle of it all and took it all in. They all love each other so much. The kids were petting me, the adults said something about how good I was. Of course, I knew it was a special place and that I needed to have that special self control.

Well, mom decided we should leave. We hugged, or wagged at, everyone and went down the hall. John was down the hall so I got to meet his nurse and say goodbye.

We went back again, but John was asleep. That was okay...I met some new friends! Mom is making sure my rear end is on the ground as I sit and visit with them!

I hope I get to go and visit my friends John and Schelli again! Mom asks that you all pray for them!

Here we are! He liked my profile! I liked his too!

My next visit out was the County Treasurers office where we waited a long time in line for mom to do something with her car. People were rushing up to pet me, but mom asked them not to please as I was "working". Did you know when a service dog has a vest on they are working? I just thought I looked cute! The reason is, they need to focus on their "person" and what that "person" needs from them. The mailman asked though to pet me, and mom said yes! He was nice and wanted to take me home! I sat still. Then I laid down. We moved up, I laid down again. A lady was loud on her phone, I was quieter than her. I sat as mom talked to the lady at the window. Mom explained to someone again about service dogs, and puppy's in training. She has cute cards she gives out with our names on them that explain it too!

When we were done, mom said "Let's go" that is my command to walk with mom somewhere, anywhere she goes, so I did. We went out to the busy street, got to the car, where mom says "Car". Then she lifts me up into the car to get into my kennel. Then I get a treat!

I am getting good at this but it does wear me out! I laid under mom's desk and buried my nose in my blanket and slept till lunch!

Can you tell I was sleepy, I had lunch and slept the afternoon away while mom worked.

It is one busy puppy life I tell you! Now I have to go get ready for dinner! Talk to you soon!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Continuing the Adventure...trees, toys, and the vet....

Wow! It is December already! I have been a very busy puppy already. I am getting to know this wonderful family that I live with. Mama Kim is my main puppy raiser, then there is Todd the dad, Jordan and Colton the boys, and I was so excited when Mandi came home from college to meet me. Boston and Gunner are my new friends, like brothers, and they love to teach me how to be a good puppy too!

Aren't they handsome! They play in the snow with me!

We brought a tree in the house! At first I thought it might be for me to chew on. I learned quickly that was "not gonna happen" as mom said. They put lights are really pretty toys on it. One morning, when mom answered a phone call, I took some of the lights off. She quickly learned that I am a very curious puppy, and need to go right back in my kennel if she is not able to hang out and teach me things. I have learned so much! I know sit, down, stay, shake, wait, ok, how to walk nicely on a gentle leader, how to sit so people can pet my beautiful coat, my name of course, and I am learning more each day!

I have met and really like my new veterinarian. His name is Dr. Webb. He gives me treats (the ones my mom brings) at the vet. I have a very dry coat right now because it is really cold and dry in Montana. We talked about some vitamin E for my food. Then, he looked in the ear I have been itching for a while. I have an ear infection. He told mom she was doing a great job keeping it clean, but I needed special medicine to go in it. So they swabbed it to make sure, and now it is feeling better and less itchy. It was getting warm, and now it has cooled off too. I enjoy going to the vet as they think I am a "little big deal". They were also talking about a puppy named Leslie that used to live here. I hope I can live up to her name, she sounded pretty special.

Some times mom tries to dress us up to take a picture. I am thinking I like these things on my head! When they fall off, I pick them up until mom says "drop". That is another word she says a lot. Every time I go and "fetch" my toy, I bring it back and she says "drop". So I do, and she throws it again! It is a good word! Anyway, Christmas is a big deal here in our home. The people have been baking lots of things that smell so good. I like to lay on my comfy dog bed, with my leash attached to the kitchen table, and chew on my toy and watch them. This way I feel like I am part of the family. They of course love having me close to them. Pretty music plays here a lot too. There is a trombone that Colton plays for me, and a drum the Jordan plays. The noise does not bother me a bit. Mom says I have to be exposed to lots of sights and sounds now so I won't be afraid later. That is ok with me! I haven't met a sound that bothers me yet!

I also have learned to "dress". Mom puts a pretty cape on me that lets people know that I am a puppy in training with Canine Companions for Independence. I don't mind it at all. I don't really like the car yet. It is not the noise, I just don't like to get in the crate in the back of the car. I like being around people. I settle down quickly though, because I know mom is going to let me out soon and take me somewhere fun! At work there is a special blanket for me under her desk that I lay on. It is warm and cozy and I like hanging out there. The snow is still deep for me, as I am only 26 pounds. I love putting my nose down and playing bulldozer in it! It did take me a while to want to go "hurry" in it, but mom insisted, so I did. No problem now!

Well, I need a nap now! Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday time with your family! I will tell you more about my adventures soon!


Pam- PIT ( Puppy in training)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Where did I come from?

Canine Companions for Independence is a Non profit organization with 5 campuses around the United States. I came from where all the puppies come from, my mom!! Fooled you! Okay I came from the Santa Rosa, CA campus where they have the Breeder and the Breeder Caretaker Program. People volunteer to take beautiful dogs like my mom Ryka and My Dad Luca, give them the very best homes, then take them to the Santa Rosa campus when they are ready to "have a date".

CCI says this about the dogs they use:

Best of the Best.

Breeder dogs and their puppies are the foundation of our organization. We carefully select and breed Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers and crosses of the two after an intensive evaluation process.
Our breeding program staff checks each dog’s temperament, trainability, health, physical attributes, littermate trends and the production history of the dam and sire. Only then are the “best of the best” chosen as CCI breeder dogs.

See told you my parents are awesome! Apparently I have a big purpose in life...I'm not sure what that means yet, but when I figure it out, I will tell you about it!

My mom Ryka is the most beautiful Golden in the world don't you think?

I was born along side my 10 brothers and sisters in a really great home with 2 breeder caretakers Katie and Paula who love my mom so much they take care of all of her puppies with her!They were really important to us! At first we just rolled around, snuggled our mom, and ate and ate! Sometimes my sister would sleep in our food bowl! Silly girl!

Then we grew out of our pool, to the play room, and finally to the play yard! I liked the play yard with the pool full of balls, the slide and so many interesting things to crawl on.

They helped us come into the world, made sure we had lots of cuddle time, fed us, washed us, and sent us out for play time! When we were 8 weeks old they took us to the CCI campus for our check up and check in! They gave us pretty green markings in our ears, a bath, wow-that was fun, and then these nice people snuggled with us. When Katie and Paula said goodbye they were sad, but ready to see us go on our adventures to our puppy raisers!

This is my dad Luca. Isn't he handsome. Apparently he is very popular!

My Puppy Raiser Kim's friend's have some of my half siblings! They are so happy to compare pictures, talk about us, and go on trips with us I hear. Can't wait for that! My puppy raiser will love me for a long time, up to 18 months and boy will I keep her busy!

Kim is so lucky! Her job is to socialize me, which means I get to go lots of places with her. To her work, to school's, to this really great store called Big R where they have rows and rows of toys! It has some interesting smells too, but everyone there already loves me! Soon she will get to take me to puppy class and I will meet other dogs! I will tell everyone about CCI! At class and home I will learn lots of commands too. Whew! I am tired just telling you all of this! So for now I am going to get in my kennel and go to bed-



Hello again!

I have been so busy getting settled into my life here in the Monroe house that I almost forgot to tell you about a cool thing that happened. It snowed!

I really liked the powdery white stuff all over the ground. It is cold, like the ice cubes that come out of that big white box in the house! But it is everywhere, all over the ground. I tried to jump, to get it off of my paws, but when I landed I figured out it is everywhere! I ate some, rolled in it, and it felt so good to wiggle in! The leaves I like to pounce on had snow too! I had to go "hurry" and it was no problem on the white stuff!

I ran around the yard for a little while, then I started to get cold! I ran up to Kim and she asked if I was done, and I wiggled my tail. I went back inside and got into my kennel and snuggled into my lambskin blanket... I have decided though, I love snow!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pam Arrives! Pawsome!

Hi everyone! My name is Pam and I am a Canine Companions for Independance Puppy! I have flown all day on a jet to a place called Great Falls, Montana to meet my new family! I am tired, hungry, and a little scared after being in this crate alone all day.
So when I finally arrived and saw my new puppy raiser, Kim, I was so relieved! She was so excited to see me! She had warm hands, cuddled me, and let me give her all the kisses I had been saving up! I was shaking a little, but after being in her arms, I wagged my tail as hard and fast as I could!
She put a leash around my neck, and once again my paws touched the ground! Woohoo!! I ran and rolled in the grass, while she cleaned out my kennel. I did make a little mess on the flight! Then she washed my feet, and belly, and my whole body down with a soft towel, it felt good!

We walked around a little bit and her friend Katie took lots of pictures of me! I realized I am gonna be a star! My kennel is cleaned up, my fur smells better, and I am ready to head to my new home! I will live there for 16-18 months with this new family.
I hear they have three kids, two dogs, an iguana, fish, guinea pig, bearded dragon, and a turtle. Sure hope I can play with them all! My new puppy raiser told me I have new toys waiting, and a soft bed! I am so ready to get settled in and take a rest! Off we go! My journey as a CCI Puppy in training has begun! Watch out for my Pawsomeness!!