Friday, February 14, 2014


I have been on an adventure! You of course know I live in Montana, where the snow has not gone away for months now! The cold is very very cold, but my home is warm and snug! In negative 26 degree weather, I still go out to "hurry" and boy do I HURRY!

This week, I went on a trip with my mom to her work headquarters in Missoula, Montana. We cross the continental divide and drive on some crazy roads in crazy weather. I was lucky though, my kennel was in the car and warm with blankets and I snoozed! Sometimes I would sit up and look around though too! that is my favorite way to ride-looking at everything. But mom wanted me safe in my kennel on the mountain roads cause she loves me! The roads here can by very good, and very bad in the winter in a matter of minutes from each other!

We arrived at the hotel safely, and I helped mom take in all of our stuff. The luggage cart was a fun different surface to ride on!

We stayed there one night, then my mom's friend Tammy called and invited us to her home! It was wonderful there! I met two new friends, a cat and dog! Guess which one wanted to be my friend? Kitty!! We played and played! I really liked her, and when we settled down to watch the Olympics, she laid right above me!

Then it was off to mom's work. We were there for four days. Most of the days were long and spent in meeting after meeting.

As you can see, this was boring to me! I took a few naps!

But they also had two feet of snow, so on break time, I played!

I went to restaurants, Starbucks, and the mall! That was amazing, so many people and smells! I watched mom try on clothes cause she doesn't have my amazing coat. It was so fun!

I had a lot of new experiences, a new office, lots of new people, new homes, a hotel, and then it was time to head home! We said goodbye to everyone after one more tour! I got to try out the trampoline (it's little cause my mom works with kids) and go to one last meeting.

Then we headed home!

A four hour road trip with break halfway and we were back at home! I was a wonderful puppy and had a great journey! No accidents, and I remembered almost everything I had learned so far! Boston and Gunner were glad to see me home, and I was happy to have a long play time with them! Now I know I can road trip with the best of them!

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